Spring Semester is Starting!

Today is the official first day of the Spring 2013 semester; my last semester at Simmons.

I have so much to look forward to this term (even though my Packers lost this weekend, so I don’t get to look forward to seeing them in the SuperBowl). I’m doing my high school practicum at Boston Arts Academy / Fenway High School library. I’ve already drafted a couple lesson plans and I have ideas for my projects.

In March, I’ll be presenting at the MSLA Conference:

Deborah Lang Froggatt, Boston Arts/Fenway High; Marie D’Ambruoso, Simmons Intern         Level: Middle, High
A Free Agent Learner self-directs, creates and shares knowledge. This hands-on exploration integrates this learning model with students’ 21st Century Learning practices. Hands-on Workshop (BYOD).




So excited about that. Debbie and I have been brainstorming as to what exactly we plan to cover. We’ve both utilized the iPads for student use, and I’ve played with a few of the apps that Maya (yay Maya!) found last term during her practicum (Nearpod looks fascinating and I plan to use it). In fact, my admin project dovetails nicely with the presentation, since I may be writing a blog post for the Boston Public Schools Library site about iPad usage with our classes. This will be repeated at the MSLA-SIG conference as well.

I also applied for and received grant money from SimmonsPalooza for MSLA-SIG to host a Banned Book Movie Night where we’ll screen a movie based on a banned book (details are in the works).

Also, I get to work with the Progressive Librarians Guild (since I’m now their Social Media/Secretary). We have a few fantastic ideas, possibly one to connect to Boston Public Schools in connection to under-served populations.

And, I graduate on May 10th!

I’ve been pulling together my transcripts and my references on School Spring, so that’s helpful. I have five references requested, one of which is already posted.

However, I did apply for a job at UMass Amherst’s library for an Undergrad Education Librarian position. I really hope I get that job. They’re looking for someone with teaching experience, so I feel that I am qualified for it. I have academic library experience from working in the Drexel library, and I have teaching experience with young students, and will be gaining experience with high school students. I don’t think that UMass students and high school students will be too different in a teaching aspect. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that I’ll get that job.

It will be a very busy, and very fast, final semester!


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