Today was so much fun! I tagged along on a 10th grade field trip to BU’s CityLab.

First, the explanation of what we were doing:

2013-02-01 10.00.14

Students doing lab work:

2013-02-01 12.17.21

My experiment. The blue means that Patient #1 is sick (in the B row, C is the control, and D is the healthy patient):

2013-02-01 12.17.31

Such a cool time, and the FHS kids are welcome back, even though they were a little rowdy and distracted at times. I think the CityLab teacher was very understanding!

Then, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts with Jamie and my friend Liz! This is Liz and me being a little goofy:

2013-02-01 16.34.02

Then I heard one of the most amazing things ever. We walked into the musical instruments room and there was a gentleman playing the harpsichord. I was blown away. Here is this centuries old instrument, and this wonderful person is just tinkling away, making beautiful music!

All in all, a really great day!


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