MSLA Conference

I’m still mentally recovering from the MSLA Conference.

Jack Gantos was amazing. I was able to listen to him talk about his process and his life stories over the MSLA dinner. He really understands “bookishness” (his word).

On Monday, Debbie and I presented our “iPads and Free Agent Learning” presentation. The wifi was not working, so I am very glad that I had a backup Powerpoint. I think it went well; I’m still processing. It is one thing to talk to a class of 25 students for 15 or 30 minutes. It is a completely different thing to stand in front of 70+ of my colleagues (the room was packed!), many of whom have been in the profession for many years, and talk about how I’m using iPads with students. It’s mind-blowing.

Thank you to everyone who came and watched our presentation (special thank you to Anna for coming up and giving me a hug afterwards!). I hope that everyone learned a lot and I hope that anyone who has questions feels free to contact Debbie or me to ask! I know I handed out a few business cards for that purpose and my email is on the MSLA website.

Here I am in my presentation outfit, all nervous right before (thank you Liz for snapping that pic):

IMG_0522 - Version 2

Onward! Next stop is the MSLA-SIG Conference in April!


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