Gamification of Education

I went to PAX East this weekend; working for a friend of mine who owns a gaming store out in NY. I spent 18 hours demoing board games, which left me limited time to explore the Expo floor or go to panels. However, I did make it to one panel called “The Gamification of Education.”

Sam Abramovich was one of the speakers on this panel (click his name for his site through U of Pitt).

It was interesting. I understand how it could be very useful. Many students play video games, and having badges and achievement “unlock” as progress is a fun idea. It is also helpful to teachers to keep track of student progress.

This site explains it well: Gamifying Education. And here is Open Badges.

I think that it has potential. Maybe if an entire school district (or state!) got together and did it in accordance with the Common Core, State Frameworks, and/or 21st Century Skills, it would start to carry some weight with colleges.

The panel also mentioned that badges could work for educators on our resumes. For example, if I took a class via MIT’s free classes, I could get a “badge” for completion of the course and put it on my resume. This might be a good way to show professional development, even outside of my concentration.

I think badges could take off, they just need some serious backing.


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