Interview Season

It is finally starting to feel like interview season! I have a couple lined up, which is nice to have. It is making me feel like the Cloud might not just be the Cloud, but might actually be connected to real people!

The GSLIS career fair was this afternoon, so I took an hour off work to attend and see what libraries came. I talked to a few and dropped off a couple of resumes. I like the person-to-person aspect quite a bit.

This (below) was part of my interview outfit. I had a jacket on top, but I thought the skirt went well with the black shirt. This is the first time I’ve worn the linen skirt that I picked up with my dad on a recent shopping trip. And yes, this is part of the reference section at BAA/FHS.

Interview ready


After the fair, I went back to work and could take my hair down (literally). I don’t like having my hair tucked behind my ears when I’m looking professional, so I put it up, but I thought a quick photo of it down might be nice (plus you can see the cute saxophone necklace that I was wearing):

photo (1)

The shelves behind me there are Debbie’s office shelves with her library-related books and the Cat in the Hat as well.

Hopefully today was as productive as I feel it was!



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