Upcoming Year

This is a complete time of change. It is scary and awesome all rolled into one crazy package.

I got a job! I went to a hire session in Springfield on Friday. I will be the new school librarian for High School of Commerce. I am thrilled to be working there. I met a few of the newly hired teachers at my hire session and they all seem wonderful and excited too.

I’ve also put down a deposit on an apartment in Springfield, just a few blocks from the high school! I’ll be going out there on the 1st to sign the lease and get the keys. I’ve been talking to moving companies and I just need to decide which one I want.

Plus, I got my Simmons class ring today!

So, let’s see: I’m signing my lease on June 1st, last day of my current job is June 5th, and the move date is sounding like it will be June 13th.

Work starts in mid-August, so that gives me just about two months to get used to Springfield and unpack (and maybe go to Six Flags, since it is right down the road…).

Brand new day, folks!


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