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I lived in Philadelphia for eight years. I considered attending Drexel’s iSchool for my Master’s degree in library science. If I had, it is possible that I would have gotten a job in Philadelphia instead of Springfield. Like at Bok High School which is in my old South Philly neighborhood:


Or maybe not:

3,783 employees laid off, 676 of them TEACHERS (librarians are probably buried in the 769 Supportive Service Assistants number).


What shocks me more is that the state of PA is building a new $400 million prison in Philadelphia.


“Scheduled to be completed in 2015, the new prison’s cell blocks and classroom will be capable of housing almost 5,000 inmates. Officials said there will be buildings for female inmates, the mentally ill and a death row population.

Journalist Rhania Khalek noted that the racial disparities in the education system and prison complex, where 60 per cent of all people are of color, have created a literal “school-to-prison-pipeline.”

In Philadelphia, black students comprise 81 per cent of those who will be impacted by the closings despite accounting for just 58 per cent of the overall student population,” she wrote. “In stark contrast, just 4 per cent of those affected are white kids who make up 14 per cent of Philly students. And though they make up 81 per cent of Philadelphia students, 93 per cent of kids affected by the closings are low-income.””

Low-income, minority students. The ones who need schools, and counselors, librarians, after-school clubs, and qualified teachers the most.

Philadelphia, I’m speechless.




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