See you later, Boston

Moving day is tomorrow. Most of the packing is done.

Many people deserve huge a Thank You for helping me on my way through grad school and off to the beginning of my career. My family, my friends, my teachers, my classmates; you all know who you are.

However, I would never have done all this without Boston itself. I never wanted to have a big farewell to any city that I’ve left. I think we might go to Naked Pizza today, and that’s good enough. However, (almost) two years in this amazing city deserves at least a virtual send off.


Good-bye to “my” circ desk. I spent two school years learning how to be a librarian. If it wasn’t for BAA/FHS Library, I wouldn’t be prepared to face my own library:



Good-bye to Fenway Park. I’m sure I’ll be back, I’m just not sure when. You took a Yankees girl into your park and made her love the Sox as well:



Thank you for your one big winter, Boston. Thank you to the crazy college kids in Brighton who made sledding down the street seem like a good idea (it was awesome). I’ve never seen such ingenuity and engineering before:



Thank you MFA, just for being awesome:



Thank you Mallard family. Make Way for Ducklings was never a favorite of mine as a child, but you are a central point of this city and everyone loves you. I do too. I have seen cars stop on busy roads to let ducklings and goslings cross the street:



Good-bye, Cliff. I’m sure I’ll visit again. The Museum of Science hosts the Fenway science fairs, so thank you again, FHS for being amazing:



An odd thank you, but a thank you to Occupy Boston. You were a shocking introduction to what a few determined people in this city could do. I wish you accomplished more, but I think Elizabeth Warren will continue the fight for fairness in Washington.



Thank you Simmons:



So thank you Boston. It has been an amazing two years. I will always be #BostonStrong.




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