Early Observation on Springfield

After an exhausting day moving yesterday (My movers were amazing. One of them was hauling boxes up the stairs that I could not even attempt to lift. Plus, he was carrying them three at a time!), my hetero-nonplatonic-lifemate (his wording!) and I went up to the Holyoke (Ingelside) Mall today for a couple hours. We needed to hit Target anyway and I wanted to see what the bus route is like.

I now have one surprising observation about Springfield: People are nice. We had one woman downtown say “Good morning and God bless you!” to us, we had a great conversation on the bus with a guy probably in his 20s, I saw a young man give up his bus seat to an elderly man, and then hold bags for an elderly woman as she struggled to sit down. The employees at the mall were nicer than I usually am used to, including the cashier at Sbarro’s giving us the 10% Mall Employee discount for lunch.

I know that people think Springfield is a dangerous city. It isn’t the best, that is true. But if today was any indication of what the general populace is like, I think I will have a very lovely time here!


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