Summer Reading

Yes, I am doing summer reading. I think it is because I finally have time to read!

I read Ashes by Blick, which is a YA end of the world story. EMP bomb, dead people, cannibals. Pretty interesting read for older YA readers. It makes me want to read the sequel, since there are so many unanswered questions.

I’m currently reading Born to Rise, by Deborah Kenny, which is a nonfiction book about Kenny, who helped improve NYC schools. I’m still on the part about her background, so it is more biographical than informative. I’m hoping that it gets more interesting.

I’m also reading DJ Rising by Love Maia, an urban YA lit book. I like it so far. I always love when I find urban fiction with a teen male narrator that isn’t poorly written or trite.  The main character, Marley, is 16, supporting his mom, working full time, going to a private school on a scholarship, and dreaming of becoming a DJ. Good plot, realistic, and I can see that I would already recommend to teens.

I have a few other books to read this summer, and I’m really looking forward to it. The City Library is only a few blocks away, so as long as I read keep reading, I can keep finding books!


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