DJ Rising

I finished DJ Rising by Love Maia. Really not a bad read. Clearly geared for boys (which is awesome) and urban teens. I felt some of it was unrealistic (i.e. he’s 16 and gets a fake ID to get into a 21+ club and the bouncer at a club doesn’t even look twice). However, I think it is a book I would recommend to students. Marley, the main character, went through a lot of struggle and loss in the course of the novel, but it still had a surprisingly upbeat ending.

I’m also still reading Born to Rise. It is not compelling, and I’m not connecting to the author at all (I wish I did!) but I’m hoping that once she gets to the part of her story about the charter schools, that I’ll like it more.

I went to the library yesterday and picked up a few more books, including three different Manga titles: Spell Checkers, Scott Pilgrim, and Rosario + Vampire. I’ve seen a couple episodes of the Rosario anime, which was very odd, but I’m curious enough about the manga to give it a shot. I also picked up a random Drama High, since I’ve been meaning to read one. On my way to the Circulation Desk, two thick YA novels caught my attention: Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay. YA zombie novels? Simply must read! I’m most of the way through Rot & Ruin already, since it is a very fast read. Also geared towards boys more than girls, which is good, it is a story of 15 year old Benny and his 35 year old half-brother Tom. Benny was 18 months old on “First Night” when the living turned into the living dead. It is a story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

So that’s my reading so far!



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