Summer is still here

This has been the hottest summer I can remember. I’m probably wrong in that statement, but it feels like a humid Death Valley.

My reading has slowed down a little. I finally picked up Cold Days by Jim Butcher (the most recent Harry Dresden novel) and took my time with it. He publishes one a year or so, which makes them a nice treat. I’m still reading Shadows, the sequel to Ashes by Bick, but it is not as interesting of a read. It is too jumpy.

I’ll be heading to CT later this week to visit my dad. I know that we have some plans involving the Aquarium and some Mansion, so I’m sure that will be a fun time.

Today I stumbled across this blog post on Tumblr:

It is laden with swears, so please be advised. That being said, I see the poster’s point.

Here is an excerpt:

““If you don’t get a good education, you’re going to end up working at McDonald’s.” Well, I held up my end of the goddamn deal, so you’ll be hearing me say, “George W. Bush was the greatest leader the United States has ever had” before I suffer the humiliation of seeing someone I know and asking them if they’d like fries or a side salad.

The older generation can look down on my pride all they want, I’m looking down harder on the fact that you told us we were the future, yet my chance to step into that role coincided perfectly with the time in America when no one with good jobs can retire and young people with all the credentials in the world are doing the jobs a chimpanzee could do with enough practice. We’re the future? What future?”

It is a very depressing post, but as someone the same age as the poster, with a good education as well, and with some serious debt, I consider myself very lucky to have found a job. As you, my readers, are aware, it wasn’t easy. I’m looking forward to my new position and I’m sure I’ll be happy there. I can’t say the same for everyone who graduated with me. Not everyone has a job lined up yet.




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