Summer is Gone!

Well, summer went quickly! I received an email yesterday that work does, in fact, start on Monday the 12th (as I thought it did). I’m so excited but also nervous! Two weeks of professional development will at least give me some time to meet my coworkers and get acclimated to the school itself. Hopefully, I will have time to get the library all sorted and get the library website up and running. The site shouldn’t take too long, since I’ll likely use WordPress. I would hope that the library itself is pretty organized already, but I doubt it! I will happily take the time to pull it together before school starts.

So this is what my summer entailed, other than reading a lot:
This is Maya! She’s a sweetie:



This is the henna that I got in CT:



These are the Steampunk Minnie Mouse ears that Suji got me!

Steampunk Minnie Mouse

And this is at the Norwalk Aquarium! I love Lorikeets, and I was actually trying to turn on the camera on my phone when my dad shot this picture:


That was a fun visit to CT.

I also bounced around Western MA for a bit, since I haven’t lived here for a little over 10 years. Jamie and I hit Mimmo’s Pizza in Northampton, which used to be called Nini’s many years ago. The pizza there is still the largest slice for the best price that I have ever seen and I was able to try pineapple and coconut on a slice!

The heat wave was awful, but it appears to be over now.

I’ve been baking often. I actually made pancakes from scratch, which turned out surprisingly well.

I spent a couple days in Philly visiting friends this past weekend (below is the lion outside of Garland of Letters):
Garland of Letters Lion

It is with some sadness that I say goodbye to summer, but I’m looking forward to jumping into the school year!


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    Hi Allegra, Just a note to tell you that both Darice and I enjoyed reading your most recent blog concerning the end of summer and the coming of fall–the photos were lovely and the text was heart-felt. Not much new at this end. Tomorrow Darice and I are going to a production of the opera, “Rigoletto,” with Art Rosenfield and his friend, Wilma. Monday I’m getting together for lunch with a few colleagues from NCC. In short, life at this end isn’t bad at all. I hope the same is true for you and Jamie in Springfield. Good luck on your first day of school this Monday. It seems like yesterday that Mom and I put you on the yellow school bus for the first time. The last quarter of a century seems to have flown by and the next will seem even faster. Enjoy every minute of it. Love forever, Dad

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