Boy’s Town

Boy’s Town has been speaking at PD for two days. They have some really great input, I think. They talked a lot about conflict resolution and teaching not only our content areas, but also social skills such as “accepting criticism” and “disagreeing appropriately.” I think that this gives teachers quite a bit of freedom in how to react to student problems, and likely reduces the number of students who need to be sent to the office or who need to be given detention.

I also spent time today in the library during lunch. I found a policy manual, though it is a few years old, as well as some other basic librarian tools (like buyer’s guides and invoices from Junior Library Guild from last year). Apparently the library had or has a subscription to JLG, which I love, and hopefully I will have the funds to continue that subscription! I also now have a log in to the catalog, so I can figure out how to use it (I have used Destiny before, but not as fully or as often as Sagebrush).  I have quite a lot of work to do in order to make sure the library becomes a highly functioning and integral part of the school.


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