Teams and NEASC

I was lucky enough to hang out with the 9th Grade Academy teams today again. I even chimed in with a classroom management technique! We were talking about how every teacher needs to utilize an agenda for class. I mentioned how in my elementary student teaching, I allowed students to check off items on the agenda as we went. It works really well for those students who want to pay attention but get jittery and would focus better if they can walk around once in a while.

Next week, all teachers are getting their projectors and document cameras. This is something that I actually need to facilitate! Hopefully, that means I will have a key to the library next week. I’ve been in there nearly every day this week (skipped going down there for lunch today because the call of the BK milkshake was too strong), so I know a bit about what I have down there, and I have access to the catalog, but I need to shelf-read and get into the storage spaces.

It is also NEASC accreditation year! I’m actually excited about this. It is a huge amount of work for teachers, but it is only once every 10 years and it can really help teachers and staff take a critical look at what is going on in the school and community and see what needs to be changed and also see what things are really good. I have the old NEASC report from 2003, so I can even help everyone out by referring to that.

Tomorrow is the weekend, so I’m going to spend it getting more ready and reading through all the papers I’ve been handed over the past week. There is a lot of information to process! I also want to head to Staples and get a few posters for the library printed up (if I bring images to Staples, they can print them small poster sized for $4. One or two might be a nice touch just to start with).


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