Librarian PD

I’m a geek. But that’s OK, because we all are. I got to PD early, and I’m glad I did. The presenter needed to get her PowerPoint from her laptop to the computer that was connected to the projector. My flash drive to the rescue! And now I have a copy of the presentation.

I really had a nice time at PD. The other librarians are very nice, plus it seems like all of them have at least a year in Springfield schools. We talked about how integral librarians and research are to the Common Core and how we can use AASL standards easily with Common Core. And then we played with Common Craft.

I had a lovely lunch with some of the librarians too! We went to Fresh Acres, which is basically Big Y’s version of Whole Foods. I had brought my lunch, but I picked up Curry Coconut Cashews as a snack and they were so yummy!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I don’t know exactly what we are doing, but I’m sure it will be interesting.



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