Logging in!

I got my SPS email address! I’m so excited about this. I’m really geeky.

Today was good. The classroom teachers divided up and were working on their lesson plans, so I was able to go to my library, log into my computer, check in books that had been sitting around, and generally get acquainted with my space (considering that tomorrow afternoon, when the teachers are setting up classrooms, I’ll be checking out their document cameras to them!).

Then we re-grouped after lunch and divided into our NEASC groups. My group is pretty small, but my indicator is all library-based, so that is straight-forward for me. It is just going to be a lot of work as a school. I did volunteer to be co-chair of my NEASC group, with the stipulation that someone else with more experience had to step forward as chair. No one has yet, but I think everyone is just trying to figure out their work load and to see what they can do in addition without over-extending themselves.

I will leave everyone with this infographic I found on UpWorthy:


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