School officially starts on Monday! I’m going in tomorrow to make sure everything is all set for Monday, because I actually have CLASSES coming in! One of the teachers had a family emergency so his four 9th grade classes and one 11th grade class will be coming down to the library with a substitute for me to show them how to use the library. He said he doesn’t really care what I do with them, but I feel it is a good time for me to give them an easy introduction to the library.

Teachers were getting their document cameras and projectors today. I had asked that they don’t swarm me (i.e. come all at once), so it was pretty calm from 1 until 2pm. After that, it was crazy! But I think many teachers got what they needed. My classroom space is not going to be ready for Monday, but I can still use the tables in the library as instructional space for now. Tomorrow, I will make sure all the computers turn on so students can use the catalog and hopefully find a book they want to check out.

Furthermore, the library website is up and running ( and I have a Twitter for the library (@HSCLibraryPride). This means that students can Tweet @ the library outside of school hours and I can get back to them. I hope students use it well for research questions! I’m not the only teacher at Commerce with a Twitter, so that’s pretty cool.


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