I spent a few hours in my library today to make sure it is all set for Monday. Jamie tagged along to help me out and he did most of the grunt work. I had to go through the list of teachers who checked out document cameras and projectors (and I had three teachers come in today because they were missing pieces or cords didn’t work, etc). I also set up my instructional space, since the library classroom isn’t ready to be used.

Instructional space:


I can comfortably fit 30 students at these tables (there is one small one that is not in the photo) for instructional time until the classroom is ready (and until I have an assistant/volunteer to work the circ desk while I teach). I’ll have classes in on Monday, so I needed to have space ready.

Jamie also moved and organized a lot of the tech that I have in the library (TVs, laptop carts) into one of the study rooms in the back corner of the library. I can’t see the very back one from the circ desk, so the large tech is now in that one, and the front study room (which I can see into) has a table and desks now so students or teachers can use it if they want.

Displays were also worked on. Jamie helped out a lot with these, and he completely did the red-cover one (which is an idea I’ve done before, but I originally snagged it off Pinterest). This is what everyone will see as soon as they walk into the library. The quote is “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge” which is Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. The taller shelf has all high school books (i.e. characters in high school) and the sign says “High School Drama.” The smaller shelf has all graphic novels, except for the bottom shelf).


And here is the red-cover shelf:



I also took a picture of one of the plastic “statues” that float under my skylights. The school is a rectangle, with what was originally courtyard in the middle. Now, there are skylights that look into the cafeteria (in the basement) and the library (sub-basement). I’m not sure if these statues are awesome or creepy, but this one overlooks my circ desk:


And finally, I put up my Whovian sign:

The Vashta Nerada, for those non-Whovians, are very creepy predators that live in shadows of forests and eat meat like mini piranhas. The Doctor and Donna encounter them in the largest library in the galaxy. The line of “hey, who turned out the lights” comes from that episode. Also, it is when the viewers first meet my favorite character, River Song.

So that is how I spent my Saturday morning and early afternoon. I think I deserve a nap.

Don’t forget, the new library website is:

and I can be reached for library questions on Twitter @HSCLibraryPride


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