Day 2!

I know, I didn’t post about day 1, but I was tired.

Day one consisted of:

  • realizing the advisory (homeroom) teacher who is using the conference room across the hall as a temporary classroom needed to actually use the library for advisory this week (that’s fine);
  • a class of 11th grade History students who were mostly demanding to know if I was going to stick around this whole year (that’s the plan!);
  • four classes of 9th grade History students who were very shy (with the exception of one boy who needed “a book on how to pick up women”),  a few kids who just did not want to be there, and one poor girl who threw up and was escorted to the nurse by a friend;
  • a bunch of kids who wandered down because one course doesn’t have a room yet, so they didn’t know where to go (back up to the office!);
  • kids who thought lunch time was a good time to come down without a pass (nope);
  • and one kid who clearly spent every lunch in the library last year, so he came with a pass!

Day two was a little calmer, since I had 5 hours of professional development. I still had teachers needing technology and kids who came down with passes, but it is getting pretty smooth. Students are beginning to know they need passes and I will send them out of the library if they don’t have one. I did have a speech teacher come in because she needed a small classroom space, so I’ve loaned her my group study space until she has a classroom. Tomorrow, I’m having 11th grade English classes come in to discuss genre. Hopefully they will all check out books too!

PICTURES (click the images for larger pictures sizes)

Updated graphic novel display:



Around the library:
















And me, at the circ desk (at the end of Monday. I was TIRED. Jamie came in to help me straighten up the library and shelve after kids left):




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4 responses to “Day 2!

  1. That is a lovely library. You will do wonderfully well.

  2. You sound so professional! I don’t mean to sound so surprised, because you have always been up-to-speed on whatever game you were in, but it’s a new you and I’m not used to it yet. What fun!

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