I’m so excited. Today was the first meeting of the school’s GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance). I was in my GSA in high school and now I’m helping out with this one. It’s weird to be on the teacher side of it. The kids seem awesome and super sweet. They now know that not only do they have the health classroom as a safe space, the library is also a safe space.

In general, today was slightly chaotic. Everyone is still getting into the swing of things. I have teachers booked all week next week for “Intro to the Library” lessons for the 9th and 10th graders and “Intro to Research” for the upper school. I had a fantastic teacher in today with her students doing a genre scavenger hunt. I also had a teacher in today who just needed the space since her classroom had a small electrical fire early this morning (yikes!).

Tomorrow will be a calm day, where I can spend some time sorting out the document cameras / projector pieces that are left over in my classroom. There are wires everywhere. Plus, I can continue working on the inventory that I started. And work on lesson plans for next week. And maybe get my printer fixed (that’s a special project that has had me covered in toner for two days. I’m glad I wear black often).



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