No, we do not throw books

I really did have a student thrown a book at another student today. I took the book away and I told their teacher, who had a stern talk with the students.

I also had to put up signs reminding students that there is no food allowed in the library. I hadn’t seen food and I hadn’t been checking every corner (so I’m sure some students ate in the library…), but now someone went and ruined it for everyone. I found sunflower seed shells on the floor. Now I have to enforce the rule. I’m really starting to see how some librarians can get viewed as “mean.” I enforce a 2 book limit on students BECAUSE I’m missing books (students can earn extra checkouts). I need to enforce the no food rule BECAUSE a student left a mess. I call and check on suspicious passes BECAUSE students have forged passes and have been caught. So now, I guess I’m “mean.”

I had a lot of students in the library today, mostly with classes. I had to utilize the library classroom again (one class had over 20 students, so I had to put a smaller class in the classroom with laptops).

I also went to get more books from the defunct charter school. I’m going to get their entire collection. So much of the reference collection they had is brand new that I can’t pass it up. Reference books are always useful. The fiction collection is mostly donations from former teachers and other places, but that’s OK with me. They’re in good condition and some of them look pretty interesting. I’m also happy to be getting some books at a middle school grade level for my English Language Learners.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Lots of classes, some website professional development, and then either getting MORE books or going to this social thing for new teachers.



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