Two different types

There are very clearly two types of student:

1) Those who do their work, respect their teachers (or at least fake it well), and fly under the radar; and

2) Those who think they are entitled to everything and no one can reprimand them.

Type 1 are the students I like a lot. For example, I had a student today ask me nicely if I could please hold on to two books for her until tomorrow, since she already has three books out (check out limit is two with a few exceptions). She promised that she would bring back the other books tomorrow and pick these two up. I told her that I would still check out the two books to her today. I know she will return the other books this week (“tomorrow” is never “tomorrow”). Type 1 are the students who come into the library and I glance at their passes, rarely questioning the validity, since even if they are skipping class (which they actually never do!), they will sit quietly and do work or read (some even shelve books for fun).

Type 2 are the students who I have to ask to not sit on the shelves or on the floor or on the tables. They are the ones who forge passes and then get mad when I call their teacher to double check a questionable signature (or a misspelling of library [come on, no teacher writes “libary.”]).  They are the ones who will mutter obscenities as I usher them back up the stairs to classrooms.

Type 1 students are also the students who will write me little notes in my sign-in book (like “J.K. Rowling is awesome!”).

The Type 1 students make my day, every day. I hope they know that.




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