A coworker donated three collected Deadpool graphic novels to the library. He has them in virtual form now, so he didn’t need the print anymore. I processed these three books right before Thanksgiving and they were all checked out that day. Two were returned on Monday and went out later that day. These books have not made it past my desk, let alone onto a cart to be shelved! I know they’re all Deadpool and slightly graphic, but I have Watchmen and Marvel Zombies too, so I’m not worried about my students feeling they’re too graphic. I did warn one of my seniors to not let his little brother (age 13) read them. πŸ™‚

I love that my students are reading. I got new Junior Library Guild books recently too (I get 11 a month), and I think 6 of them have already gone out and I’m holding one more for a teacher. Plus, one of my donated Donors Choose books about gaming (Atari to Xbox) was checked out for a research project. So cool!

I admit, I have some very stressful days and some students who need so much attention, but the teachers are really starting to collaborate (I have three collaborative lessons coming up this week!!). One teacher who brought her class down for research on the computers said that she had never seen the library so busy. I must have had 20 students in the library during that block, including her 6. That was a “quiet” block! I’ve circulated over 7,000 items this year (that’s books, computers, and AV equipment), which shows that the library is really a busy place.

I’m really glad that students like being in the library and utilizing the space to do work or relax during lunch.

Plus, the passing rate on district English assessments has gone up considerably… I’m not taking credit for that, since I know we have awesome English teachers, but maybe a little of that is the library influence. πŸ™‚


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