Hugs and Book Recs.

The library has been closed for MCAS testing all week, which is driving my avid readers crazy. I had one student show up at my door with “Miss, I finished my test in class. I have nothing to do.” To which, I responded “Read a book.” He reminded me that he had finished his book. So I asked “What do you like?” He says “Horror.” I told him to hold on for a minute, grabbed a book I’ve been wanting to read (The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki) and checked it out to him with a somewhat stern “go read.”

Meanwhile, I had a student pop in yesterday after MCAS, check out a book, and then forget it on a shelf. I found it early, saw him today, handed him the book and got the biggest hug. He was so thrilled that I found it.

The students can be so tough sometimes, but not always. I seem to have my little group of readers and library fans. I see a side that classroom teachers don’t always get to see, and that’s pretty great.


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