On Legoland, weekends, and staying hydrated

Legoland! At some point this summer, I going to borrow one of my nephews and visit Legoland in Boston. By borrowing, I mean that my cousin is going to bring her two adorable boys to Legoland and I’m going to tag along and play with them in Duplo land.

I’m so glad it is the weekend. This week felt so very long. My cabinet that held yearbooks broke, so I had to rescue old yearbooks before the shelving collapsed and crushed them all. Some of the yearbooks are from the 20s and 30s, so I needed to make sure they were saved. They are now all spread out in the conference room, so hopefully the cabinet will be fixed soon! I don’t know what anyone was thinking putting heavy yearbooks in a cabinet that was clearly not meant for books. The shelves literally cracked under the weight. That was a hassle and I’m so glad that I had a dependable student to help me move books.

Also, I’m trying to stay hydrated, especially after moving those books. My muscles are sore! I bought a water bottle with a filter, since the water at work comes out cloudy and was giving me heartburn (probably high chlorine content). Now I have a nice little water bottle with a filter. I can taste the difference in my home tap water already! I just need to remember to replace the filter in two or three months.

MCAS is Tues-Fri of next week, so my library is going to be closed. Maybe I can get inventory done while students take the test. We’ll see. It usually turns into helping out the students with IEPs, which I don’t mind. I got to read out loud the entire Biology test earlier this year to a student, so that was somewhat interesting. As long as I don’t need to scribe (i.e. write out someone’s answers as they dictate), I’ll be OK. My handwriting is probably as bad or worse!

2014-02-27 06.19.45


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