Tile and a spider

I came back today from spring break. Firstly, break was fantastic. Lots of relaxation and a fantastic day in NYC.

As I descended the stairs to my library today, I noticed that the carpet at the base of the stairs had been removed and replaced with tile. This made me unreasonably happy. The carpet had been disgusting. It smelled bad and the smell had permeated the stairwell itself. It had made for an unpleasant minute every morning; some worse than others. I opened the door to the hallway and noticed that the area by the bathrooms had enjoyed the same fate. A small area now lacked a carpet and had gained bright yellow-tan tile. The hallway remained carpeted, but these two small areas looked cleaner and brighter.

Upon entering my library, I noticed that the chairs were up on the tables, meaning that the wonderful custodial staff had vacuumed the library over break! The carpet is a grey-purple-blue, so dirt really doesn’t show, but it looked so much nicer anyway. I emailed the head custodian to please extend my thanks to whomever had accomplished this.

Later in the day, a student came up to me, frantic: “Miss! Miss!” She cried, “There’s a spider over there!”

My intern gallantly grabbed a tissue and said “I’ll get it!”

“No, hang on,” I responded. He and I walked over to the shelf and located the beast. It was a very tiny spider, about the size of an ant. In fact, I leaned closer to it to ascertain that it was in fact a spider and not some other bug. “It’s tiny,” I said, “just leave it be. It isn’t hurting anyone.” In other circumstances, I would have preferred to escort the critter out of the building, but I could not leave the library to  get to the exit door, and any student would get in trouble for opening a door during the school day. Therefore, we may have gained a library spider, unless it finds it’s own way to the exit.

Oh, the adventures of the first day after break!


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