I had a student come to me today and say: “Miss, I’m looking for a new book. I like dark fairy tales. I’ve read all of the Percy Jackson books!”

I looked up Holly Black and pointed her in the direction of Tales from the Borderlands (new-ish short story book edited by Holly Black).

This  reminds me of my paper from Drexel, when I originally thought I wanted to figure out the difference between fairy tales and folk tales. Of course mythology figured in.  Mythology and fairy tales can be similar, especially when we consider modern stories either based off classic tales or new retellings.  I haven’t read Percy Jackson, but I know the characters are the descendants of Roman gods (or, in the new books, Greek). I assume they have the same Hero’s Journey that I found in Holly Black’s modern fairy tales (I utilised Tithe and Ironside).  Honestly, that is in pretty much every fantasy story. I would be surprised if elements of it didn’t appear in nearly everything I like to read.

I wonder if the genres are just smooshing together, now, or if I should reconsider delving into any distinct differences among them. Perhaps the writing class this summer would be a good time and place to think and write about it.


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