Clothes Sizing

A friend recently shared this cool dress with me. It is a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map dress from Hot Topic. I like it. It is pretty and intelligently geeky. I know that their sizes won’t fit me, but I thought I would check.

According to Hot Topic, the sizes on this dress go from XS to XL. That sounds fair.

XS is a 24 inch waist.

XL is a 32 inch waist.

According to WebMD (blog post from 2010), the average American woman had a 34-35 inch waist. According to the CDC (updated 2012), the average woman, over the age of 20, has a 37.5 inch waist.

So, according to Hot Topic’s size chart, the average American woman could not fit into their XL dress.

Yes, Hot Topic may be geared towards high school age shoppers (side note, the average 16 year old girl has a waist size of 32 inches). However, the Harry Potter books came out between 1997-2007, so it is fairly safe to assume that not all shoppers who see and appreciate this dress are under 20. I like it, and would wear it if they had my size, and I’m about to turn 31.

Therefore, dear clothing makers, I ask that you do something about your sizing. If the average target market for your clothing does not fit into your clothing, you have a problem.



Hot Topic dress


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