Librarians and Technology

Librarians are all about books, right?


As a “modern school librarian” (I love that term!), I’m a big fan of technology. I still love books, of course. I prefer reading novels in print. I’m still getting the hang of taking notes virtually. Then again, there are studies that show people remember better when they take notes by hand: like this one.

However, we know that students are digital natives. They’re always on some sort of technology. We have adapted fairly well so far: online catalogs, online databases, easy citations, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, ebooks, etc. Therefore, we need to know the technology! We need to know how to use the document cameras, projectors, and new laptops that we have in classrooms. We need to know how to use SmartBoards (touch-sensitive white boards).

I deal with most of the technology at work. I’m often who teachers call with questions. I have a little bit of a tech background, but generally, I like to poke at tech until it either works or I’m stumped. I wish that all librarians, especially school librarians, treated technology the same way that I do.

I don’t understand when librarians don’t want to know how to make things work. Why aren’t the new school laptops barcoded and kept track of via the library catalog? That just makes sense. Same for all the AV materials like projectors. We don’t have to store them all in the library due to space constraints, but knowing who has what, and knowing how to work things, is just hand-in-hand with knowing who has a book and how to read it. Sure, I may not know every word in a book, but I will know where to look it up. The same goes for most technology (though Excel does give me a headache sometimes!).




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7 responses to “Librarians and Technology

  1. Donna Baumbach

    I love the “techno-library” logo….I’ve not seen it before. Did you create it? Or do you know where I can find it?

  2. Darn straight. Great post. Librarians are technology. Librarians are adaptive to emerging trends. If someone sees no value in technology, in social networking vehicles; then the library science field is not for them.

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