Funds4Books fundrasier

It is a struggle that many school librarians know too well: there is no budget for the library.

Last year, I had gotten lucky that my principal found some money early in the year to start a Junior Library Guild subscription. I also spent the year carting books from a defunct charter school with the help of some really amazing ELA teachers. I’ve added over 700 books to my library collection so far and still have three boxes to go. I was also lucky that my district person found some money and since my school hadn’t gotten any money in a few years, I got everything I asked for and bought 800+ brand new titles. I also went to a public library that was reducing their collection and snagged some great YA fiction from there. Plus the books I buy out of pocket; I love used book stores, so when I see cool books that I think my students would like and that are new-ish, I don’t mind spending the $5 on a book.

This year, there is no budget. There’s no guarantee of district money. There’s no library or school to rescue books from.

I’m doing a Funds4Books fundraiser through Mackin (one of my favorite book vendors). All books come shelf-ready with records, so all I need to do is open the boxes. This is a huge time-saver.

If anyone would like to donate, please go to and donate by Feb 27th. I truly believe that if students see other people care about their education, they will succeed in school, college, and careers.

Thank you.




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