Research and feelings

Last year, I did some research for an elderly alumn. His caretaker had contacted me, asking me to look for a play this alumn had written in 1933. The play was the senior class play. I found some proof that it was done, with help from the Springfield Museums. I never found a copy of the play itself, just some photos of the then-student and a one page in the yearbook stating that this play was performed. Today, I found out he had passed away a few days ago. Clearly, he was a classy gentleman with a very long and productive life. I’m oddly saddened by the passing of a man that I never met, but also happy that I was able to find a little piece of his history for him, albeit not the actual play itself.

I think this shows that sometimes, a brief connection is still something. His family may never know that their father or grandfather was an author in his younger days, who knows? But I’ll remember that one day, I reached back in time, found a 1933 yearbook photo, and was able to email it to an elderly gentleman. Hopefully, he remembered those days with a smile.


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