All The Things

Image from Hyperbole and a Half‘s blog post called “Why I’ll Never be an Adult.”

The school year is a little over halfway done. Things are rolling along nicely, but we are suddenly thrust into MCAS Season. Oof.

Basically, I’m doing a ton.

  • Putting together my “need” and “want” list from my massive wish list for books and other library supplies
    • I’d love to re-do my circulation desk, but new books come first.
  • Presenting at the SPS Ed Tech Conference on Saturday (two sessions, not three this time. One on Discovery Ed, one on library research)
  • Running three fundraisers
  • Co-advising clubs
    • GSA
    • Anime/Gaming/Coding (they all meet at the same time with lots of cross-over students)
  • Starting my grad class next week (Teaching of Writing certificate that I started this past summer)
  • Going to MSLA on March 1 & 2 (this is so exciting!)
  • Proctoring MCAS (just did three days of Bio. ELA and Math are coming up soon)
    • This is both nice and not nice. It is quiet. Students are testing. I get to read a book and walk around.
    • However, it means that I can’t be on my computer; I can’t be making noise (covering books is noisy); I can’t be shelving books because I need to be in view of the students. It puts me behind schedule.
  • I need to find time to actually teach lessons! All the teachers I collaborate with are busy right now too and understand that the library gets taken over for MCAS and ACCESS testing, but I want to teach more! I love research projects! Bring it on!


I finally understand why my dad always makes lists. The problem comes in when I go to make a list, I forget whatever I was making the list for! It is like knowing that I need something at the grocery store, reminding myself all the way over, and then forgetting as soon as I walk in the door. Except, I remember that I need to do something, I pick up a pen, and I forget what that thing was. I don’t get it; I can have two or three conversations at once at work (two verbal and one email is my limit so far), but I can’t remember what I was just thinking about that I wanted to write down so I wouldn’t forget. I guess that comes with the job. I need a card catalog for my brain! I’m so lucky that I have interns. Two of them keep me organized and remind me where things are. Then again, they also move things, like my scissors, so I have to go searching for them!


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