Snow Day Again

We have yet another snow day. As much as I like three-day weekends, this is getting a little crazy. I think my back porch is going to break under the snow, but I can’t get out back to try to clean it off! I’m so glad we didn’t take the apartment with the outdoor stairs.

I’ve been working on my book lists. I have money from Funds4Books (thank you to everyone who has donated!) and I’m working on two wish lists as well, just in case, so I’m glad I can spend some time on it. I need to figure out priority as well. I know that students really want Marvel Zombies, which I’ve put on my list and will be checked out until it falls apart, but I need to figure out if that is more important than the HTML5 book that would help the collection and might be checked out a handful of times. It is a delicate balance between what students want to read versus something that is a good skill to know.

Coding club is starting up … tomorrow, I guess. It was supposed to start today. But, this also gives me today to put myself through a little more of Khan Academy. I’m considering running a coding club boot camp over February break for three days if students are interested. The cool thing is if they go through coding on Khan Academy, they can get a gift card for Donors Choose and help fund our 3D printer.

My writing class has been delayed due to the snow as well, but we already  have a make-up date. This is actually good since I don’t have my book yet (delayed due to snow)!




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