Why Teacher Librarians Do What We Do

Today is day 2 of February break. Schools in MA & CT (all of NE, I think) get a week off in February, probably because it is REALLY COLD and snowy in New England in February.

I went in to work today for 4 hours. I had eight students show up to either do schoolwork or to work on Khan Academy’s Intro to JS videos and activities. That’s right… I went in on a day off voluntarily (not getting paid) for four hours, and will be doing it both tomorrow and Thursday. Six students came in to do voluntary extra work that does not count for a grade (the other two did schoolwork). I might have more students tomorrow.

These are inner-city kids. Kids who go to a school that doesn’t have the newest technology. Kids who might not even have up to date textbooks, or enough books for the entire class. Kids who understand that they don’t have the best chances to succeed, but they’ll try and do their best. They know that they need skills to succeed that we don’t have classes for yet.

They’re why I don’t mind volunteering 12 hours of my time. They’re why I don’t mind running clubs after school.


And a reminder: https://www.funds4books.com/Fundraiser?code=e493 


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