Doing science the stupid way

A couple of my library desktop computers have been replaced (YAY!) because they were old, slow/not working. I asked tech since the towers were just being thrown out if two of my students could dismantle them. Tech had taken the hard drives, so he said he didn’t care.

For the past three days, two boys have been literally pulling wires, motherboards, memory, and fans out of these three useless computer towers. Today, they realized they had fans but didn’t know if they worked. So they decided to use the small button batteries, hold the wires in place, and see if the fans worked. This is where I stopped them…

with: “If anyone is going to get electrocuted, it will be me.”*

So there I was, with stripped wires, holding computer fans, and touching the wires to the batteries.

Yes, the fans work.

Doing science the stupid way since age 7.

Dec 2012

Dec 2012


*Yes, that is an extreme comment and it wouldn’t happen off three little button batteries. However, it was funny.

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