Weetzie Bat: The Movie

otherwise entitled:

Leave my awkward teenage years alone, Hollywood

There is a Weetize Bat movie in the works; MTV reports.

Weetzie Bat is the star (sort of) of the Dangerous Angels series by Francesca Lia Block. I loved this series when I was younger. Weetzie Bat was published in 1989, and the collection of 1-5 was published in 1998. I don’t remember what age I was when I first read it, but I know I read the books in and out of order a few times. I would go back to Weetzie when I needed something magical. Her life was so bizarre and unrealistic.

Girls of my generation grew up with a mental image of Weetzie and her family. I cannot imagine some teenage/early-twenty-something pop manic pixie dream girl playing Weetzie. I don’t want some pretty boy playing Dirk. And, my favorite, Duck. No one can do justice to Duck.

Ms. Block wrote ethereal, amorphic characters set in a post-punk, pink, 1980s world in which magic existed but it was called love. 

This does not; nay, this cannot, translate into the silver screen. “I write them for a type of person — usually an outsider, a creative type of person who believes in a humanistic outlook,” quote Ms. Block in the MTV article. Those outsider, creative folks don’t need to see their very personal side of this book turned into a movie.

“This was not a fearie tale. This was not the movies. This was life. It hurt more. It was excruciating. It was excruciatingly beautiful.”
Francesca Lia Block, Violet & Claire



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