On History Classes and the like…

One of our fabulous history teachers is on paternity leave. In getting prepared for this, I offered to guide his two classes of IB juniors on a Civil Rights research and presentation project. Each student (all 35 of them), needed to create a lesson plan complete with activator, mini-lesson, learning activity, and wrap-up. They had two weeks to research and create lessons, and now they have started to present them.

Whoo boy.

I am both frustrated and proud.

I’m frustrated because these students are SO SMART, but they have been gliding by doing “just enough” work in past years to do well and not really applying themselves to the level of rigor that their current teachers are asking of them. (To my dad and former teachers, if you’re reading this, now I get what you meant when I was in school: “Smart, doesn’t apply self.”)

I’m proud of the students who have done well so far and really have been creative in their lesson planning and execution.

In other news, today a WWII vet and a Vietnam vet came to talk to some of our students. It was amazing to hear them talk about segregation in the military. It isn’t something I’ve ever really thought about.

I’m so glad I decided to close the library for an hour to go hear this presentation.


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