Teach for America Deletes Educator Counter-Narratives; Educators Repost EVERY SINGLE ONE!

There are TFA teachers at my job. I think they’re great PEOPLE, but I don’t see them staying long. TFA is a stepping stone for them into something other than education. TFA is a band-aid on a far larger problem of teacher burnout and how teachers are turned into villains in the media. What we need are strong teachers’ unions and a receptive government who LISTENS to educators. What we really need is to fix the problem of poverty by providing for those with less and funding low-income schools so that children in low-income environment can be fed, clothed, and get the same education as their peers in well-off districts.



On Sept. 23, Teach for America (TFA) published an article on its Website about the “Badass Women of Teach for America.”

Many of the more than 56,000 members of the Badass Teachers Association (BATS) commented on this article.

A few days later, all comments were deleted and the ability to make any additional comments was disabled. TFA then published two additional articles about the comments BATS had made. The authors of these new articles then attempted to debunk what had been written about them but was too dangerous to be left for their readers to see for themselves.

The counter-narratives of hundreds of people had been erased. But as any good public school teacher will tell you – nothing that is posted on the Internet is ever lost.

Below is every comment made on the original TFA article.

And, yes, I mean –


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