Life goes flippy: an update

I’ve been very quiet for a while on this blog. Hello to my new readers who saw my Modern School Librarians post. I love that it is popular right now.

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been planning a move and finally moving this past Saturday. I accepted a job back in Boston! I gave my full 30 day notice in Springfield and started my new job this past Monday. I was sad to leave Springfield, since I have some great friends though work and some now-former students who will always be “my kids.”


So, with a tearful farewell, I loaded everything into a truck and spent far too much time in traffic, and am now back in Eastern MA and back at the school I volunteered at & worked for during my grad school years. It feels a little like coming home. I know the walk from the T. I know the library. It’s a little different sitting in the office and having a library team who look to me for guidance, but I have some big plans to make the library THE place to be.

This is a start:

Library art

Library art


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