Thoughts on having a long name

I have a very long last name with a unique spelling. Whenever I need to spell my last name for someone, I chunk it into 2-letter pieces, or else they miss a letter.  In fact, it is such a unique spelling, that I’ve encountered two people with the same spelling and one turned out to be related to me. I didn’t check the other one because she was a student at the time and wasn’t in contact with her family. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is related to my family as well.

As a teacher, it is a hard name for students to remember and pronounce (it is a hard name for everyone to pronounce). At my current school, students are encouraged to remember teacher names and pronounce them correctly. This makes sense, in that students will be going into the *real world* fairly soon and will encounter lots of different names. However, I’ve been “Ms. D” for two years at my former school and I don’t want to be called anything else. I like being called “Ms. D.” The only time this will change is when I eventually get my doctorate, whenever that is since I haven’t even started yet, and become “Dr. D.”

I think of this as a lesson; it is a lesson in respecting wishes and respecting what people want to be known as. We all go out and “make a name for ourselves” in some way. This is my very literal version.




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