Star Wars!

I saw Star Wars. I will not post spoilers (other than the above GIF, which isn’t really a spoiler). I will just say that I loved the movie and it was very pretty. I’m sad that the EU has been regaled to “Legacy”/what-if, but I also understand the reasoning. The EU had a lot of story and conflicting plots, so Disney has streamlined it. However, I will always love Karen Traviss’ novels and they are still true canon in my mind.

It is winter break and I’ve once again caught a cold. I know it is the result of lots of contact with people (students, teachers, commuters…) and my system finally going “ok, we don’t have to do anything, we can take a break now.” This results in lots of tea, a couple days in pjs, and catching up on my reading. If I wasn’t coughing, it would be nicer.

I have a Funds4Books fundrasier up! Please spread the word. 



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3 responses to “Star Wars!

  1. Don’t be sick! Great gif. Yay movie was great!

  2. I loved the movie too! Its hard not to, hahah. Are you a Star Wars fan?

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