Summer in the City

It’s only March and I’m already thinking about summer. I think that’s because the weather has been so nice for the past week. 60 degrees in March is so strange. It makes me worried about the heat this summer. However, I have three or four ideas for this summer that involve research, books, and generally being indoors, so that’s pretty nice, assuming I get accepted to any of them! I’ll have weekends for beaches and other summer things. I can’t wait to see what the North Shore looks like in the summer.

I’ve been keeping crazy busy. Part of that is my commute. I have about 1.5 hours door to door now. It isn’t bad, but it also isn’t the 5 minutes I used to have! I’ve been getting a lot of reading done and I started listening to audiobooks too, just to switch it up a little. If I read, I can listen to music; if I listen to an audiobook, I can do the crossword in the Metro.

Easter is coming up, and I’m looking forward to helping the Easter Bunny hide eggs for my little cousins. We had a lot of fun last year, and I think it will be fun again this year.



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