Purple walls make everything prettier

The building my school is in has been through many incarnations. It started as a wool factory. It’s been three or four different schools; in fact, three at one time for a year. Apparently, back in the mid-90s when my school was temporarily placed here (“temporarily”), the library walls were painted white.

I call them “cream” now to make myself feel better about this weird color.

Last week, we were lucky enough to get volunteers from Serve with Liberty to come in, donate their time, and paint one wall and two tables (wall is purple, tables are whiteboard paint).


It looks SO MUCH BETTER. Every time I see it, I smile.

I have ideas for new signage now too, maybe pretty block letters with fabric. We’ll see how creative I get.



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2 responses to “Purple walls make everything prettier

  1. Terry Kahn

    Where do you buy whiteboard paint and what is the purpose of doing this?

    • I bought a kit for it at Home Depot. It is a small box with two cans that you mix together when you’re ready to paint. The tables can now be written on with dry erase markers. I think you can do something similar with other vinyl or latex-based paints, but I didn’t want to risk it.

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