Diverse Books and Social Spaces

School is almost back in session. We’re in the final countdown PD days, as many teachers are. Some are back in the classroom already!

In preparation for a new year, I’m creating a book order list of diverse books. Diverse can mean skin color, socioeconomic status, gender identity, immigrant status, orientation, and numerous other definitions and combinations thereof. Basically, my students fit into multiple labels and I need books to reflect that. I’ve been looking through award winners and blogs (if you haven’t seen We Need Diverse Books, go look) and trying to curate the perfect list of mostly new books that fall into these labels.

In thinking about books for my students, I also think about the social space of the library. I have a teacher who always reminds her students to come ask me about audiobooks. I can get access to many audiobooks to help my students. But they’re often anxious about coming in and asking. Maybe it is because this is only going to be my second year and they don’t know me yet. I always feel like I’m approachable. I have pink hair! How can I not be? But I understand the difficultly in coming to speak to someone. I don’t always like speaking to people either.

I start this year wondering: how can I help make the library be a comfortable social and educational space for my students?


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