I’ve been brainstorming for projects for my elementary practicum. I have a few good ideas, and both my college supervisor (i.e. the professor who is keeping an eye on my work) and my supervising practitioner (i.e. the librarian who I’m student teaching under) seem to like the ideas I’ve come up with. We talked today and found interesting ways to connect my big Unit Project with my Diversity minor project and also how to connect my Admin project with my Tech project. I just need an archivist to talk to about the Admin project (since it’s an archives project).

I met the 5th graders today. They seem to be a rambunctious bunch. I’m looking forward to working with them, and possibly doing a cyber safety lesson with them, but I’m somewhat glad that I won’t be doing my unit project with them. I haven’t met the 3rd graders yet (meeting them tomorrow), but I honestly don’t think I could get the 5th graders to focus for 45 minute stretches. Such is one of the challenges that I will learn to overcome in the next few months! I do give them credit; 3 of the 4 classes who I met today asked about my duck tape pen. They notice things.

In other news, my YA Lit class starts tomorrow evening. I’m very excited about that! I love YA Lit.


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